Last weekend we received the below message and picture from a prospective client, who hadn’t quite got round to booking with us.

“This is why you Pat Test!! Any chance you can come over and Pat Test.  As this just happened.  Scary stuff!”

We called the prospective client who explained over the phone, that the appliance was plugged in and he had left the room.  On his return the whole socket was on fire.  He managed to put the fire out, luckily no one was hurt and the damage was minimal.

As safety is paramount we had an Engineer round within two hours, even though it was a Sunday (this was obviously at no extra charge).

Needless to say they are now a new client.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this.  We hope it helps if you were unsure of what Pat Testing can prevent and how it would benefit any business or if you are a Landlord, to have testing carried out.