How to make Pat (Portable appliance testing) interesting.  If I’m honest I’m not sure you can.  I work for PAT Test Solutions in Hampshire and I get the concept.  I know it’s not a legal requirement but it is legislation.  Some insurance companies won’t even pay out if you haven’t had it done and are unfortunate enough to have had an accident involving an electrical appliance.

How to make Pat Testing interesting to people like yourselves, who know it’s best to have it done for your own safety and your colleagues/tenants, but it doesn’t really float your boat….. Well that means you are more like me than what my colleagues are, who are so passionate about it.

When we decided to open a blog page we looked at each other in horror

“Who would read it?”

“What do people want to know?”

“What do we say?”

but most of all

“How do we make it fun and interesting?”

As you can see we took the plunge, so this is our/my first ever blog, so please go gentle with your comments, but please feel free to make them.  I need to learn so I can develop the blog page and that’s where you come in.  I know what I know about Pat Testing, I work with specialists in Pat Testing, but I’m not sure what you want to know or already know.  Please if you can tell me, so I can with your help, develop this blog.

Now going back to the initial question, “How do you make Pat Testing interesting”, I’m not sure.  So I thought,  what would make it interesting for me.  I love humour, I use it a lot in my life to make friends laugh, meet people, get through bad days, to stand out from the crowd and most of all to cover fear.  So that is what I am now going to attempt to do…..


Well I never said it was going to be about Pat Testing! 🙂


Thanks for taking the time to visit this page.

Nikki 🙂