wireOn taking a new bookings we are naturally asked questions by our customers.  One that has recently come up is about IEC Leads.

A customer knew that they had to replace some of their existing leads as they weren’t reparable.  They asked should they purchase the new leads before our visit to PAT Test or would they be covered by the guarantee.

Well the answer is ‘Yes’ they would be covered by the guarantee, however, you would have to keep all the receipts.  Also if unfortunately a fire did occur where receipts and documents were destroyed, you wouldn’t be able to prove to the insurance company that the products had been bought in that year.

So when answering the customers question,  I pointed out that another benefit of having the new leads PAT Tested by ourselves, is the items would be listed on the asset list and we would keep a copy of the records.

The above really can apply not only to IEC Leads but to all new appliances.

So it;s really a personal choice.  For the few pence it would cost to have an item tested, it can give you peace of mind and insure that you are covered.