When talking to customers or trying to write informative blogs, I am always conscious of not using scare tactics about safety. 
The reason being, is when I read information like that, it puts me off in a big way.   To me those types of articles are trying to shock and bully me, not giving me enough credit to make an informed decision.

What I try to do is write a general blog, often about my experiences to help you the reader, make an informative decision about your PAT Testing, one that best suits you.

With all the above said, I almost didn’t write this blog, as I didn’t want to come across as a bully or be accused of putting down a competitor, but after thinking about it I thought if I didn’t and if you didn’t know, then I’m no different to the scaremongers, by not letting you make your own informed decision.

So here goes…….

I recently received a call from a prospective customer who had approximately 500 to 600 items that needed testing on a large site, to include workshops, offices and store rooms.  The caller mentioned that he had received a quote from a competitor, who informed the caller that their PAT Testing could be done by one man in one day.   I was genuinely shocked to hear this, for many reasons such as:


  • This would not allow the Engineer enough time to walk around this large site to carry out the PAT Testing.  If what the competitor said was going to be remotely true, the Engineer would need all machines, tools, computers turned off and lined up in one place.  Which clearly couldn’t happen for so many reasons on this site or even in an office.
  • Knowing how long each item needs to be tested correctly, one day for 500+ would not allow the testing machine to register the items whilst being tested and therefore not give an accurate reading, if one at all!
  •  And how could an Engineer take the back off 100’s of non-molded plug, to check that the correct fuse was inside (which even items newly purchase, may not have the right fuse)!

Well in my experience and opinion taking in all the factors, no Engineer could do this unless they have this on their T Shirt and wear their pants on the outside of their trousers!

So do Super Hero’s really exist in PAT Testing, in my opinion they do they are the type of Engineers/Companies who care about your safety and when quoting will give you:


  • An honest quote with no hidden extra charges.
  • Not mislead to gain the booking.
  • Provide a like for like quote.
  • Provide you with the information that you require, truthfully.

and when carrying out the PAT Testing

  • Make sure all items have been tested correctly.
  • Only sticker items that have been completely tested, which is not only for safety but saves the customer money.
  • Take off all the backs of non-molded plugs, to ensure that the correct fuse is inside.

I mean why do the testing if they’re not carrying out the correct tests, the whole reason PAT Testing is carried out is for people’s safety!?

If you are receiving the above, then I believe you may have the Super Hero of PAT Testers at your premises and you never know they may even have this on their T Shirt, but I can assure you their pants will be under their trousers!