Test Your Insurance

We are lucky that PAT Test Solutions is growing on a monthly basis. As you can imagine, we are very pleased and proud that we are not only expanding, but also maintaining the valued customers that we have gained in previous years. This is where we have noticed a change.

When taking new bookings, we always ask a couple of questions so that we know how much time to allocate for each job. This ensures that the engineers’ schedule has been booked to allow enough time, whether it’s a few hours or a few days.

During these conversations, we have noticed the trend: it’s become apparent that a lot of our new customers used to do their own PAT testing. When asked why they are now using a specialised company, the answers have been either: it’s been requested by their insurance provider not to carry out testing in-house, or they have noticed that it has been written into their insurance policy that they must have a qualified company to carry it out.

If these new customers do not comply with their insurance provider’s requests, then they could find any future claims rejected.

Some reasons why most insurance companies require that their customers don’t carry out in-house PAT testing are:

  • Companies can’t self-certificate
  • If there was a fire and records were destroyed, the PAT testing company should always hold copies of the documentation. This enables the insurance to be declared valid and a successful claim can be made
  • The in-house tester may not be qualified. If you have read my previous blog, What Are You Being Charged For (https://www.pattestsolutions.net/pat-testing-charged/ – maybe hyperlink the italics?), you will have seen what can happen if you don’t use a qualified engineer

insurance aproved

claim insurance denied

So, if you are carrying out your own testing, maybe it’s worth checking your policy just to make sure that you are on the right side of your insurance provider!