We have recently been to new sites to carry out PAT Testing and found that a lot of our new Customers have been overcharged by their previous PAT Tester.  So this is just a quick message, to all those out there that have 9 volts and 12 volt items with a PAT test stickers on them.  If you have a sticker on your phone base or laptop, please check the asset list that your PAT Tester provided, to see what you were charged for.  It is not possible or even necessary, for any PAT Tester to test a laptop, as it is 12 volts and phone bases are 9 volts.  It is the higher volt items on appliances, that complete the circuit, that needs testing.   If you do find that you have a PAT test sticker on your laptop or phone base it hasn’t been tested, all they are doing is placing a sticker on those types of items, to enable them to charge for a test they haven’t carried out.  We had one particular new customer who had been over charged for at least 19 items that hadn’t been tested, because the previous PAT Tester had just placed stickers on low voltage items.  On a laptop it is just the IEC lead and charger that needs to be PAT Tested, making it 2 items not 3 to be charged for and only the phone charger not the phone base, making it 1 item not 2 to be listed on the asset list and final invoice.

Most PAT Testers charge per item, so obviously this is why some PAT Testers will do this, it enables them to increase their final invoice price, but it’s also to enable their original quote seem cheaper then their competitors.  By quoting less per item it allows them to gain the business, then when they have the business they mislead their customer by putting stickers on items that haven’t been tested which increases their final invoice and they may also charge for hidden extras once their foot is in the door.

If you have any questions about this or about the service we offer then please feel free to contact us.

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