After my friends and family read my first Blog back in June, it became apparent that they didn’t really have a clear understanding of what I do for a living or about PAT Testing.  If any of you are a fan of the ‘Friends’ series, you will understand when I say, “I felt like the Chandler Bing out of the group”.  But it did give me the opportunity to answer their questions.




So with that in mind, I thought I would share them with you…..


Question: How often do I need to have my PAT Testing carried out?

Answer: As a general rule:

In business every year, but IT equipment can be every 2 years.  However, if cables are changed from computers and monitors, the testing is no longer valid.  The answer can also depend on the Health & Safety policy of your company and your insurance cover.  We would advise that you check your policies.

Building/Construction site tools are different to the above, due to the harsh environment they are working in, they require testing every 3 months.


Question: What appliances need testing?

Answer: Every portable appliance with a three pin plug in the work place, or rental properties.


Question: I only have a rental property, do I need to get PAT Testing done?

Answer: At present it is not law, but the Government are trying to make it a legal requirement for Landlords.  However as mentioned in the first question, please check with your insurance policy and rental agent if you have one.


Question: Why is PAT Testing carried out?

Answer: For the safety of yourself and your colleagues/tenants.  Fires can happen quite easily with an appliance which is left plugged in, please see our blog ‘A Plug for Safety’.  Also it maybe that your insurance policy requires it for you or your business to be covered.


Question: What happens after my PAT Testing has been done?

Answer: We would issue a full asset list of all appliances tested and a Certificate of compliance, which should you be unfortunate enough to have a fire, you can produce for your insurance company as proof of testing.  We would also keep a record on our files.  However this is not the case for all PAT Testing companies, please check with your current PAT Testing supplier


Thank you for taking the time to read this.  However, if your question is not on here, then please feel free to contact us and we will endeavour to answer it.